Alfonzo’s farm in Jalisco, Mexico was passed down to him by his father, Jesus Maria. A place once full of life, Alfonzo just didn’t have the heart to sell the now barren parcel. In 2004, he began to cultivate agave with a tequila line in mind. After many years of hard work, Alfonzo came to us ready to develop a premium line of sipping tequilas and a well brand. We promptly discussed business goals and the importance of proper naming architecture and strategy.  
1st Round Concepts
He originally liked the name Blue Mosquito, but we ditched it as it evoked novelty (no heart & soul) and proceeded to render Rayo Azul, (Blue Lightning) a name that had significance with Alfonzo. We then agreed on Alfonzo’s Tequila Company as the umbrella brand. We focused on letter “A” logotypes, Mexico’s heraldry, cultural and iconic symbols, such as Quetzalcoatl, the feathered serpent. While everyone loved the graphics, we felt something missing... the real story behind his birthright, the farm he so cherished and the unapologetic man he rarely spoke of. 
When we dug a little deeper, he mentioned that had some old family photos...
2nd Round - Approved Design Concept
In our next meeting, the black and white photos of Alfonzo’s father are just as you see them now, creased and tattered. Alfonzo soon began revealing wild tales filled with defiance from start to finish, switching to his native tongue when he became wound up. We sat captivated.
He became somber, only to burst into hearty laughter when he spoke of his father’s uncompromising principles. In a turn, his eyes watered and tears fell as he told of the dreadful and untimely accident which took his father’s life one Christmas morning. A sentimental silence followed. We poured a round of his “silver” to sooth the lump in our throats and “Revelde” (Rebel) Tequila was born right then and there.
Full Label Detail
Revelde Silver
Our triple distilled silver delivers fresh and ready for action
Jesus Maria at 15 with his first pistola
Revelde Reposado
A mischievously refined experience
Jesus Maria at 23 and compadres
Revelde Anejo
Matured to bold and unapologetic perfection
Jesus Maria at 42
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