Mom’s Spaghetti Sauce was a Sicilian family recipe passed down from generation to generation. Patrick Timpone; who founded Mom’s Spaghetti Sauce in 1986, recalled his mother, Nenfa Timpone, always using fresh ingredients. Handpicked in just the right amount from her back yard, she never measured anything and always had something delicious simmering on the stove.
Known for using fresh ingredients, premium roma tomatoes, the finest Sicilian olive oil and fresh basil, the secret lies in their unique approach to bottling the sauce, Patrick confided. A single bay leaf is dropped in the jar and immediately sealed, allowing the herbs to simmer and infuse their distinct flavors into the aromatic, chunky richness as it cools in the jar.
Nenfa’s portrait was rendered in an Italian Master Style adding classic typography as a finishing element. The label illustrations depict winged cherubs in serenade and a large radiant sun symbolizing the sweet, warmth of Mom’s brand.
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Front detail
Back side panel detail
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