Personal TimeLine

Age 6: Hunting lizards. Dad drove a hearse.
Drawing Star Trek space ships.

Age 8: Zombie movies. Ralph Bashki "Lord of the Rings"
Drawing Star Wars space ships.

Age 12: Wanted to be a mercenary. Loved art class.
Drawing cow skulls.

Age 14: Started charging classmates for book cover designs.
Drawing skulls and snake tongues.

Age 18: Learned that "commercial art" was a real profession.
Gave up mercenary career plan. Graduated and went to college.

Age 22-present: Graduated college. Started drawing stuff on a computer.
Won some design awards. Founded a company. Still drawing skulls.

Dan Birlew

Founder, Creative Director – Design Ninja

Cuts through the visual clutter of today's media saturated landscape. He thinks that the pen is mightier than the sword but still regards swords as "really cool".

After graduating in 1992, Dan worked as an art/creative director for nationally known advertising agencies and design firms. In 2007 he was recruited by Dell’s User Experience Design Group to lead their internal visual identity team. In 2009, he decided to launch Chango Design to work with visionary companies who care about their brand. His logo design, identity systems, packaging, and multimedia campaigns have been recognized for excellence by the Addys, Communication Arts, Print
and Graphis.

Bachelor of Arts, Advertising Design, University of Central Oklahoma

Zodiac Sign: Godzilla