Personal TimeLine

Age 6: Leader of a 4 member gang, West Side San Antonio.
Made new members eat dirt.

Age 7: Had a crush on Dracula.

Age 12: Rolling Stone accompanied her to student council and NJHS meetings. No one knew she had skills like a solid gold dancer. Started keeping a journal.

Age 14: Entrepreneur. English tutor, seasonal wreath line.

Age 16: Wrote for the school newspaper. Voted most popular.
Won essay contest to meet "Motley Crue" and did.

Age 24-present: Graduated college. Fell in love with non-profit work. Founded several companies. Still voted most popular.


Cynthia Birlew

Founder, Managing Partner – Business Sensei

Cynthia knows how to “get into the minds of professionals”. She offers 15 years business development experience. In her career as CEO of HR Guru, a recruiting and retention consultancy and creator of Culture Logic Hiring System, she has screened 6,452,000 resumes, interviewed 31,680 applicants and placed 6,317 financial professionals.

Prior to HR Guru, she spent five years with the Family Place recruiting Safe Homes and managing 6 volunteer programs. Her grass roots, culturally diverse recruiting strategy and training program for the SHOR pilot program (Safe Home Out Reach) resulted in 33 Safe Homes in the Jewish, Hispanic and African American Community.

Bachelor of Arts, Literary Studies, University of Texas Dallas

Unknown fact: Licensed to carry a fire arm (and does)